From May 20th to the 23rd, Yawal's Poland-based Team Enthusiastically Entertained our Largest Group of Inquisitive American Partners yet!  

Having built a large presence in the Colorado market since 2019 (resulting from 30 years of experience beautifying our products in Poland), Yawal USA - In collaboration with Skyline Windows & Doors - hosted a trip to Poland for architects, designers, developers, and general contractors to explore our production processes and experience rich Polish culture and traditions. 

Owner/CEO Karolina Mzyk-Callias expressed her pride, saying, “We are honored to share our culture and showcase our engineering and design capabilities with our American partners. The Polish-built community is among the best globally, with Poland being one of the largest exporters of windows and doors. Yawal thrives within this ecosystem of exceptional partners, reflected in our outstanding products.” 

The highlights of the trip included visits to the Yawal and Final factories, the Saint Gobain glass factories, as well as the historic cities of Krakow and Warsaw. Participants had the opportunity to explore these places and products - and learn a lot more about our systems and procedures. The goal was to foster relationships and share ideas to enhance our collaborative efforts. Yawal has successfully completed multiple projects in Colorado, focusing on residential single-family buildings, both contemporary and traditional. 
Below are photos and highlights from the tour: 

Yawal Factories & Tech Lab 


Saint Gobain Glass Factory


Yawal Showroom in Warsaw 


Centrum Praskie Koneser (constructed using Yawal systems


Exploring Polish Cuisine & Culture 
Karolina Mzyk-Callias shared, “The feedback from our guests has been overwhelmingly positive. They praised our products and encouraged us to expand our communication and marketing efforts. As one visitor put it, 'the whole world would appreciate it'!" 

Key topics of interest during the trip included: 

  • Technical Knowledge: A desire for more information about Yawal products and production capabilities
  • Craftsmanship: Appreciation for the quality and craftsmanship of our products
  • Communication: Enhancing our multicultural and high-touch communication approach
  • Online Resources: The need for more technical and product data on our website
  • Innovation: Exploring how we can innovate together to provide system savings and additional finishes 

Daniel Kuna, USA Country Manager, expressed his gratitude to the entire team, saying, “Your efforts have made this trip a significant milestone in connecting our custom home and modern commercial building partners with our production processes.” 

Yawal USA looks forward to creating more unique experiences of craftsmanship, communication and the sharing of our 30 years of superior technical knowledge across continents...precipitating our US-based future of growth with more partnerships and projects like those we've been a part of in Colorado.