We are launching our latest product - the TM 77 BIFOLD external accordion door system.

This fresh and innovative approach to folding door design combines advanced technology, functionality and durability in one package.

The TM 77 BIFOLD system, combines innovative technology with multifaceted functionality and robust construction, providing almost 100% open space when the leaves are unfolded. It is characterised by the versatility of configuration solutions with the possibility of creating multi-leaves compositions opening both inwards and outwards. 

In addition, these doors can have a main door section, where the first leaf serves as the entrance door without affecting the functioning of the other folding elements. 

The versatility of the configuration solutions, TM 77 BIFOLD allows the creation of structures with impressive dimensions - leaves heights of up to 3,500 mm, widths of up to 1,200 mm and leaf weights of up to 120 kg. What's more, the system incorporates reliable folding fittings to guarantee impeccable performance for years to come. The system combines a high level of thermal insulation with maximum solar permeability.

The accordion system is compatible with the TM 77HI window and door system, and the combination of profiles is analogous with other systems in the Yawal range. 

By choosing TM 77 BIFOLD from Yawal, you are choosing higher quality, reliability and user comfort.