Are you designing or constructing doors with panic hardware? This solution will really simplify your work.

The ESCO Release Capability Calculator is a tool where you can easily and conveniently check if the fittings are well-suited for the designed doors.

All Yawal partners can use the calculator free of charge, particularly:

  • Designers of door structures with panic hardware,
  • Door contractors based on submitted dimensions,
  • Architects planning to use doors with panic hardware.
What does the ESCO Release Capability Calculator offer you?

Safety — In the calculator, you can easily and accurately calculate the proper configuration of doors and ESCO panic hardware. You gain assurance that your solution will be safe for users.

Optimization — Easily find errors and inconsistencies in the door design. You won't lose valuable time or resources on corrections during installation.

Individual Approach — This solution is not just for specialists. Both architects, constructors, and private individuals can easily use it.

Report — Calculations and fit assessment will confirm the correctness of the project. You gain confidence that the doors meet the highest standards.

How to use the calculator?

The calculator is available on the website in the Knowledge Panel section. After logging in, just follow 3 steps:

  1. In the menu, select "Software".
  2. Click on "ESCO Release Capability Calculator".
  3. Choose "Download file".
Got Questions?

We're at your service. We're happy to answer your questions, whether about the ESCO Release Capability Calculator or aluminum profiles.

Feel free to contact us.