Yawal Group is leading the way in sustainable development by joining the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative, the United Nations Global Compact. Their Ten Principles provide us with guidance in integrating environmental, social, and ethical responsibility into everything we do - an approach which aligns perfectly with our commitment to building a more sustainable future for generations.

At Yawal Group, we recognize the essential role businesses can play in combatting climate change and protecting Earth's resources. That is why we have set aggressive goals to minimize our environmental footprint - goals which we are actively working toward achieving:

Combatting Climate Change: Since 2019 alone, our CO2 emissions have already decreased by 29% and we are on track to meet our 30% reduction goal by 2030 through company initiatives including energy efficiency upgrades and exploring renewable energy sources.

Resource Efficiency: Since 2019, we've successfully reduced water consumption by 55% and target another 50% drop by 2030. Waste minimization remains one of our key goals, including efforts to decrease key components like wood and polyamide across our production processes.


Transparency Is a Core Value

Yawal Group places great emphasis on transparency within its supply chain. We are dedicated to the responsible procurement of materials and have taken an aggressive stance against conflict minerals - our decision not to use Russian aluminum since the beginning of Ukraine war is an example of this commitment.


Join Us on Our Journey

We welcome you to learn more about our comprehensive sustainability strategy and efforts to create positive change for both the environment and communities we serve.