All-glass corners – new possibilities

Contemporary architecture comes in many different shapes and forms. Minimalistic aesthetic of windows and doors can be enhanced with 90-degree fully glazed corners. The massive windows and thin frames allow maximum light into the room creating a spectacular new look and views. Overall, this evokes a much lighter and elegant feel to the overall appearance of the building.

Yawal affords its customers the opportunity to install corner solutions anywhere in the house, choosing from a fully panoramic view in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms, depending on the experience the home owner would like to have.

Moreover, all glass corners come in different technical solutions, depending on needs and wants. The first option is a thin mullion or corner windows where both solutions connect the glass at an angle of 90 degrees by using specialized silicone. An alternative offers no visible aluminum elements resulting in impressive uninterrupted views. In  addition, “a movable mullion” can be applied ” which invokes the effect of having an open wall. Either Yawal solution can be achieved using Pano or Moreview systems as well as the façade systems FA 50 DesignLine and FA 50 SmoothLine.

Regardless of the type of corner solution chosen, it is best executed when planned at the early stages of the architectural design. The overall house structure must be solid and stable as well as offer comfortable thermal conditions. In many cases, reinforcement of the ceiling is necessary, especially in climates with frequent, changing weather conditions or climates with strong winds.

It’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of expansive and breathtaking, panoramic views!