Advanced design integration and practical elegance, tailored for modern architecture. 

Each door is a fusion of functional excellence and stylistic innovation, serving not only as an entrance but as a sophisticated, sustainable enhancement to any space.


  • Minimal frames and panel profiles
  • 2.1" visible width for LockBox option
  • Versatile for contemporary as well as historical settings
  • Alternative to steel profiles

Technical Parameters

  • Water Tightness: 9 psf
  • Designed Pressure: LC 50 psf
  • Thermal Insulation: From 0.20 Btu/hft2F
  • Acoustic Insulation: STC up to 42 dB
  • Maximum Panel Weight: 300 lbs (150 kg)
  • Maximum Panel Height: 10 ft (3m)
  • Maximum Panel Width: 5 ft (1.5m)
  • Glazing: Double and triple